For people interested in pursuing information about the making and use of labyrinths, these links will take you where you want to go:

There is a new interview available with Jodi,

Labyrinth: The Soul's Journey

HerzogJodi would like to recommend Werner Herzog's new film  The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Herzog is an unorthodox visual artist and, through his unprecedented access to Chauvet Cave, he has created a marvelous film that lets the art of these ancient people speak for itself. It is really a wonderful compliment to my book in that he beautifully represents the magical atmosphere of the deep cave and many of the images I discuss. He is clearly enraptured by and deeply appreciative of the sophistication and sense of wonder required to create these images in this strange environment. I appreciate the reverential pace of the camera as it pans over the images to pick out the detail of an eye, a mane, these miracles of art; especially,  his use of light and shadows, fading in and out as the light source changes to demonstrate the inherent motion in the art, the animated qualities of the work. They literally come to life before you. The ethereal music completes the mood. On the other hand, my book provides a deep cultural context for why and how this art was created; why it continues to inspire and move us. He provides a marvelous film component to my text. Interview of Jodi with Daniel Davis of Beyond 50 Radio.

Labyrinths In the News: "My guest is Jodi Lorimer, author of a book about labyrinths in Paleolithic Europe. Join us as we talk about caves, shamanic journeys, and the sacred femine and her interpretation of the Minotaur myth. " -Blogtalk Radio Interview.

Short clip about Jodi Vanessa Compton, PhD. as interviewed on Blog Talk Radio. Vanessa is an artist, Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator, and director of the labyrinth program at St. Luke's Anglican Church, Ottawa.

Audio Clip - The Minotaur

Lascaux: An amazing virtual tour of Lascaux. You can click on the titles that come up on the screen to focus on one particular section of the cave, find out about the history, the geology, the current theories and much more. This site is especially marvelous because you can see the art in context, within the contours of the cave itself; a completely different experience from seeing them in a flat book.

Chauvet: This link takes you to the official website reporting on the research, past and continuing, at Chauvet.

UCLA Book List: Go to this link for lists of books on archaeological research, cave art, and references to books and articles.

Don's Maps: is loaded with lots of pictures, links and information. I can't vouch for 100% accuracy but what I've found there is generally very good.

The Bradshaw Foundation: supports rock art around the world and is a great source of information to anyone interested in this topic. There are many links connecting to other research groups. Including INORA, the International Newsletter On Rock Art.

INORA Rock Art Newsletter


The Labyrinth Society: The international organization with contacts everywhere in the world:
They offer information on upcoming events, resources, books, labyrinth news, merchandise and the labyrinth locator that lets you find a labyrinth to walk almost anywhere you're going.

Veriditas: Ground Zero for things labyrinthine. The organization was founded by Lauren Artress, author of "Walking The Sacred Path" and other works. They offer an extensive variety of information on events hosted by Artress and others, labyrinth news, the Women's Dream Quest Workshops, meditative music, art, consultation on labyrinth building and use, handcrafted labyrinth merchandise, spiritual training, books on photography of sacred spaces, children's use of labyrinths, and much more.

Labryinth Network Northwest: Has information on labryinths in the Pacific Northwest.

Culture Watch Northwest: Mike Taylor, archaeological enthusiast, has an interesting blog with a primary focus on the Northwest. You can always find facinating information and new archaeological discoveries there.

Rae Hight: has information and links to other resources for healing arts, journaling, writing and labyrinth retreat sites

Ben House Illustration: was the illustrator and cover designer for Dancing at the Edge of Death.

ISpiritual: Carries Dancing at the Edge of Death and other titles. Christiana Brinton's website, provides information about her labyrinth ministry, calendar listings, and her recently updated ebook, The Labyrinth - Crystal Connection: Holographic Natural Time Energy Weaving in the New Aeon, which includes her Stargate Rainbow Labyrinth pictures and design specs.

Photographic Credits:

Peace Village Lotus Labyrinth, Sunray Peace Village, Downingsville Rd, Lincoln, VT.  Thanks to Christiana Brinton.

Pima Man-In-the-Maze labyrinth - 'Triangle T Texas Canyon Harmony Labyrinth, Triangle T Guest Ranch, Dragoon Rd, Dragoon, AZ. Thanks to Christiana Brinton.