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The Biography of the Minotaur:
A slideshow and discussion
Presented by Jodi Lorimer

Jodi Lorimer, author of Dancing at the Edge of Death: Origins of the Labyrinth in the Paleolithic, will present a slide show and discuss the ancient archetype of the Minotaur, the mythical half bull-half man, in history and myth. It is a ‘biography’ that covers thousands of years of history when the bull god was venerated and worshipped throughout the ancient Near East and into Europe, and ultimately feared and reviled. Transformed into a monstrous creature found only at the center of the labyrinth, this archetype still holds great imaginative power over us. The Minotaur is linked with evil, cannibalism, and destruction yet also with sacrifice, fertility and redemption. His paradoxical powers are inseparable from the equally paradoxical spiritual journey to the center of the labyrinth. Discover their archetypal significance and why the Minotaur and the labyrinth have remained connected through time.
There will be a labyrinth available for walking at 4pm with light refreshments and presentation beginning at 5 pm.
This event is a fundraiser for Labyrinth Network Northwest’s scholarship fund. Suggested $10 donation to Labyrinth Network Northwest.

The Biography of the Minotaur
A slideshow and discussion

Saturday, April 6, 2013   
4:00 pm Labyrinth Walk
5:00 pm Presentation

Grace Memorial Episcopal Church
1535 NE 17th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 287-0418

Praise and reviews of Dancing at the Edge of Death

"In Dancing at the Edge of Death, Jodi Lorimer (focuses) on the labyrinth not as a physical construction, but as a compelling and intriguing symbol, she shows how this concept has been used, as a central cultural focus, since shamanism first emerged, over 30,000 years ago, as humankind's first religion."

— David S. Whitley, author of Cave Paintings and the Human Spirit

"I'm loving Jodi's book... Really takes my mind and soul for a ride!"

— Kim Stafford, poet and teacher

"Congratulations on your book... I think it is terrific. It covers much more ground than I had suspected and did it well. And the case you make is quite convincing."

— Stanley Krippner, Saybrook Graduate School

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